The VPS 19 Smart Glasses have recently been used for proving whether the use of a digital app would interfere with the user’s viewing behavior during an experimental field study.

The municipal department “MA33 – Wien Leuchtet” took the initiative to improve and ease the urban driving experience via an app. The mobile app, by its name “Green Carpet”, is designed to act as a digital traffic light assistant and indicate the driver at what permissible speed green light is reached and how many seconds the traffic light is on red. The aim is to reach a better traffic flow, and a more relaxed driving experience.

Before the app could enter the test phase in Vienna, the municipal department “MA33 – Wien Leuchtet” needed to prove that using the mobile app while driving will not lead to distractions in road traffic nor possible hazards. Thanks to the main function of the VPS 19 Smart Glasses, accurate eye tracking and video recording, Viewpointsystem has been commissioned to investigate and analyze the driver’s viewing behavior during an experimental field study. After analyzing the collected data, our consulting team could prove that using the app in traffic does not lead to distractions during driving nor possible hazards. In the fall of 2021, the app will be officially launched for everyone in Vienna.

Copyright Pictures: GEVAS software GmbH