VPS 19 smart glasses:
a second pair of eyes to take with you

Four eyes see more than two. Send experts along for the ride via
remote support, document quality controls, and train with pinpoint accuracy.
With only one pair of glasses.

Whether road, rail, water or air, when you transport people and valuable goods, safety and cost efficiency count.

You can immediately accompany your teams, check and log safety precautions, and accurately record gazes without interfering with the wearers while they work.

Your advantages:

  • experts at headquarters available at any time, worldwide
  • very much easier remote maintenance and logging of processes
  • substantially improved training and education.

Significant relief for your employees and your budget:
internationally award-winning VPS 19 smart glasses

Remote support: expert skills travel with you.
The advantages of VPS 19 smart glasses everywhere you go.

Troubleshooting? Maintenance? Repairs? With VPS 19 smart glasses, employees can easily perform work on-site, guided by a central pool of experts.

This makes repairs possible within the shortest possible time, always and everywhere. Thanks to eye tracking, the experts can see exactly where your employee on site is looking and can therefore give precise instructions.

How remote support with eye tracking ensures your mobility.

  • Technician on site “shows” with his glances.
  • Connected expert gives exact instructions with annotated screenshots as well, even in a noisy environment.
  • The expert knows 100% whether the technician on site is following instructions correctly.
  • No mistakes, no misunderstandings, easy guidance, quick result.

By pointing with glances and drawing on screenshots,
on-site staff can be efficiently guided through
troubleshooting and maintenance. Vehicles are back on the road faster!

Documentation – with the eyes!

Acquired skills and years of experience are simply stored and passed on, and so remain within the company. Ideal for quality control, for example.

And it also makes it very easy to communicate process steps. Instead of reading operating instructions, employees can now simply follow eye movements. Accurate, fast, efficient.

Training: know what is understood

Overlooking sources of danger? Carelessness or fatigue? All this is now measurable and visible thanks to our award-winning eye tracking. This allows your teams to learn faster and work more safely. A break-through in driver training.

With VPS 19 smart glasses, you and your employees can:

  • see what the trainee sees and does.
  • give feedback on every little move during training.
  • teach correct gaze strategies and increase learning success.

With VPS 19 smart glasses, you objectively record what trainees actually see.
There is no more vivid teaching material than reality.

Prepare better for emergencies.

From practice to simulation, trainees can practice the correct gaze sequence to better react in dangerous situations.

Usability: increase efficiency

With complex operations, measure the ease of use including orientation to the equipment, fatigue on the job, loss of concentration, etc. This will improve efficiency and increase safety during critical operations.