VPS 19
Simplicity meets
peak performance

VPS 19
Simplicity meets
peak performance

A plug-and-play system, ready to use for streaming and recording, no further IT effort.
With glasses that weigh only 43 grams. Are we making it too easy for you?

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The global standard in simplicity + top performance

Extremely easy to operate
Streaming – even in changing lighting conditions
Unprecedented wearing comfort
Battery swap without interruption
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High performance for your employees, zero effort for you

Clear communication

Put on VPS Smart Glasses, and activate eye tracking: with the discreet display of the gaze point, you know exactly where gazes and attention are focused in real-time.

Precise instructions without misunderstandings are possible – even overcoming language barriers and noisy environments.

Best in Research & Remote

Overcome language barriers – precise communication even without words.

Remote Support: Exact instructions through annotations on the screen.

Low Bandwidth Mode – even with poor internet connection, streaming quality remains high.

VPS Smart Unit – Everything at your fingertips

The brain of your smart glasses: equipped with touchscreen, 9DOF motion sensor, 4G+, GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth, the Smart Unit records all data, streams it, and even partially analyzes it live.The pre-installed software is regularly updated to the latest version for free and over-the-air (OTA).


Live Streaming

Two-way communication in audio & video

Comfortable to wear: Glasses weigh only 43 g

Send drawn & written annotations during streaming

Stable performance in almost all lighting conditions

Ready for immediate use

Continuous AI-based auto-calibration

4G+ for network connectivity anytime & anywhere

Robust: EN 166 safety certification

3 hours runtime per battery, endless operation possible by changing batteries during operation

Future-proof open software ensured through updates

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High data security

Work in a protected live stream: With the VPS 19, your data is transmitted directly, encrypted and without caching. This means that external parties never have access at any time.

Usable on any device

Simply connect via WiFi or LTE and instantly stream from your VPS 19 to any smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.


VPS 19 allows receiving precise instructions while working hands-free.

Expand your system – anytime

Easily control the system via an open API to access, export, or integrate applications with proprietary data and in-house applications.



Smart, simple, and intuitive: The VPS Fact Finder processes all data from the VPS Smart Glasses for further use. You receive precise and objective representations – from the focal point of the wearer’s attention to the gaze sequence and points of interest.

Moreover, with the unique Eye Perception technology, Viewpointsystem provides the only measurement method in the world that enables visualizations which allow conclusions about the perception of what is seen.

VPS Smart Glasses produce a wealth of valuable data. With intelligent evaluation software (see our partners below), this data is clearly visualized. Benefit from gaze data such as areas of interest, fixations, and heat maps. You can automatically analyze data from many test subjects and stream the data live and browser-based for remote observation.

In this way, you gain a holistic view of human behavior and receive precise, objective representations of gaze sequences as well as of the wearer’s visual behavior.