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Viewpointsystem today offers disruptive technology that completely redefines what smart glasses can do.

Eye Hyper-Tracking allows us to accurately measure not only gaze, but also reactions and even emotions. With the Digital Iris technology platform, we have digitized human vision and we are the first company to unlock real-time perception tracking.

We identify the wearer’s need for information via the eyes, and provide the right information in real time in front of the eye. By doing this, we create an interface that enables unprecedented intuitive interaction with the digital world.

The connection between real and digital has never been so natural and intuitive. And we’ve only just begun.

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We provide the components of our interface for integration into your smart glasses or other wearables. Or we develop a complete solution together with you.

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Digital Iris: technology that understands you

Digital Iris is the first complete digitization of human visual behavior. The technology documents both conscious and involuntary eye movements.
This makes it possible for the first time to read the subconscious reactions of the wearer.
Our aim is to use this to develop behavior prediction models, that is, the prediction of individual behav-ior.

Fusion with the digital
Whereas in the past you always had to tell an interface what you wanted or intended to do, in the fu-ture, our smart glasses will be able to recognize this by themselves.


A machine that understands me without words and that I can operate completely intuitively. That is the future of communication and our declared goal.

Eye Hyper-Tracking: more accurate, more powerful

Eye Hyper-Tracking is the next-level in eye tracking. Incredibly precise, our technology captures every glance and measures even subconscious perception. This makes it possible to measure and record vision, perception and, in the future, even emotional reactions to them.

Eye control
See what others see.

By using eye control, Viewpointsystem lets you accurately and precisely record exactly what a person has seen at a given time, in a given situation.

Eye emotion
See what others feel.

The objective reaction protocol. Using eye emotion we will in the near future be able to measure what a person feels. Emotions such as enthusiasm, stress, fear, etc. will become visible in subconscious eye movements.

Eye perception
See what others perceive.

The objective perception protocol: using eye perception, you can determine the exact moment when what you see triggers a subjective reaction.