Precision meets

Precision meets

Ultralight, small, and worn on the body – sets new standards in comfort and quality.
For high-quality training and documentation videos including eye tracking.

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Track attention. Optimize performance.

New VPS Lite Unit with a weight starting at 95g
Extremely easy to use
Flexibly wearable on helmet, arm, or belt
Ergonomic design
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Multiple benefits

Ideal for training

The integrated eye-tracking technology provides real-time data on the wearer’s attention and perception. This makes the VPS Lite perfectly suited for training and education.

Track attention, optimize performance

Training & education


Gaze analysis

Process optimization & safety


Mounting Options


Comfortable to wear: Glasses at only 43g,
Lite Unit from 95g

Can be worn flexibly on the helmet, arm or belt

Maximum freedom of movement and hands-free operation

Continuous AI-based auto-calibration

Stable performance in almost all lighting conditions

Ready for immediate use

Live preview of the stream and wireless video analysis on smartphone or tablet

3-hour battery life (replaceable battery)

Robust and optimized for outdoor use, dust-proof, splash-proof, and sweat-resistant

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Extremely practical

The intuitive operation with just two buttons allows for easy handling, even during intense movement and while wearing gloves.

Barely noticeable, ready for anything

Practical, ergonomic, unobtrusive – VPS Glasses + VPS Lite Unit are ideal for intensive movement activities like training, sports, or defense. The unit can be comfortably and securely worn on the body.

Safe and easy to mount

On the helmet (rail or directly on the helmet)

On the arm (elastic strap)

On the belt (secure clip)



Smart, simple, and intuitive: The VPS Fact Finder processes all data from the VPS Smart Glasses for further use. You receive precise and objective representations – from the focal point of the wearer’s attention to the gaze sequence and points of interest.

Moreover, with the unique Eye Perception technology, Viewpointsystem provides the only measurement method in the world that enables visualizations which allow conclusions about the perception of what is seen.

VPS Smart Glasses produce a wealth of valuable data. With intelligent evaluation software (see our partners below), this data is clearly visualized. Benefit from gaze data such as areas of interest, fixations, and heat maps. You can automatically analyze data from many test subjects and stream the data live and browser-based for remote observation.

In this way, you gain a holistic view of human behavior and receive precise, objective representations of gaze sequences as well as of the wearer’s visual behavior.