Whatever you do, do it better.

VPS 19 smart glasses are ready to use at plug-and-play speed and optimize operations in virtually any industry.


VPS 19 smart glasses are the first smart glasses capable of interpreting a person’s gaze behavior in real-time.
This makes the interaction between humans and machines more intuitive and natural – convenient and uncomplicated in everyday work.

The opportunities this presents are invaluable and potentially disruptive to any industry.

What our customers say

Thanks to Viewpointsystem’s in-depth analysis, we can largely rule out hazards from using Green Wave Assist and recommend the app for drivers and certain types of bicycles from a vision perspective.

Daniel Pratl, projekt manager, MA33 – WIEN LEUCHTET

„Put them on, switch them on and the system works without much explanation. This is exactly what our customers want and expect. “

Norbert Karner, Product Manager, sunpor

„The eye-tracking analyses from Viewpointsystem have greatly helped us to understand the gaze behavior of young students on the way to school and to identify challenges children face. Based on these analyses, we were able to provide parents and children with targeted tips for a safer way to school.“

Marion Seidenberger, Traffic Psychologist at Austrian Automobile, Motorcycle and Touring Club (ÖAMTC)

„In times of lockdown and contact restrictions, the VPS 19 is a great help for us and our customers. We can quickly and easily show the customer the system and demonstrate its functions live. Our employee has both hands free and can show the customer how to operate the system. Thanks to eye tracking, the customer knows immediately which component our employee is looking at and can ask specific questions. Dialing in via a browser is easy and the image quality is excellent.“

Bernd Mähnss, Managing Partner, HPS Hanseatic Power Solutions