Treat more efficiently, save more lives:
smart glasses that just work

Healthcare is about people and about lives – not about technology. When things need to be uncomplicated and practical because it’s vital, no smart glasses perform better than a pair of VPS 19.

Improve your hospital’s medical care and education, its safety and efficiency.

By connecting with specialists, you bring additional know-how in-house – without additional effort, travel costs or long waiting times for their availability.

Telemedicine enables doctors to reach their full potential
and better treat more patients.

Nursing and medicine on a new level

  • Anytime and anywhere – top medicine even in smaller hospitals
  • Operating room and usage simulations – documented down to the last detail
  • Training and further education – ideal for controlled learning and feedback
  • Tamper-proof – everything you record is documented objectively, independently and securely, and can also be used as evidence in the event of a claim
  • Maximum security due to closed system without external servers and data connections

Remote support: telemedicine like never before

Where there’s a VPS system, there’s a doctor. This is because the lightness of the glasses, combined with supreme precision, allows a medical specialist to be connected via streaming at any time and from anywhere.

From diagnostics to support during hours-long surgeries, the system works accurately, safely and even in changing lighting conditions, such as outdoor emergency medicine.

Reduce costs: specialists to go

The use of centralized experts is particularly efficient where they can now manage operations on site or training courses just as successfully as if they were there in person.

That’s because streaming and eye tracking allow the senior physician to see clearly where the surgeon’s or student’s attention is, making communication accurate and full, and allowing the expert to give precise, unambiguous instructions.

You can now take medical know-how with you wherever you go in the world.
The treating doctor or paramedic wears practical,
light VPS 19 smart glasses and receives real-time instructions from the specialist.

Training: teach more clearly

If you see what your students see, you can teach more effectively. If you can see when and where they are over-extended in the process, you can reduce learning blocks much more quickly and eliminate misunderstandings.

Conversely, students can better follow the teaching doctors if they can accurately follow the gaze sequence.

Where does the attention need to be? Important routines
are grasped more quickly with uninterrupted, wearable VPS 19 smart glasses.

Reach more students, share operations

Our eye tracking allows you to see the progress and mistakes of juniors with their own eyes. They can also accurately document their own operations and make them available to others.