VPS 19 smart glasses in use:
lots of punch, zero effort

Put them on and forget them: for the first time, eye tracking becomes truly practical in the field. Network teams intuitively and hands-free. Measure and direct gazes. Check reactions. That’s how security works today.

More accurate procedures mean more safety. Train with your team exactly where their attention must be at each moment in the operation. Trained perception is much faster than if it is intuitive and untrained.

Actions such as shooting, driving and
unarmed defense are consolidated more quickly.

By shortening gaze jumps, increasing attention and improving perception, you create more safety for your emergency personnel.

Documenting emotions improves training.

Document how soldiers, special forces, police officers, security guards and other emergency personnel react emotionally to a situation during training and even in an emergency. The data generated enables customized training like never before.

Safe in training and in use:
thanks to the secured live stream, external parties
have no access to your data.

The smarter smart glasses:

  • stable in use
  • can also be worn under helmets
  • even in changing light conditions
  • battery change possible during ongoing
  • uninterrupted operation
  • highest data security

Ideal for:

  • identifying dangers
  • checking perception in real time
  • focused feedback, active guidance of the gaze

Remote support: see what the team sees

Equip your team with VPS 19 smart glasses and see through the eyes of each team member in real oper-ation. This allows mission command to guide individual members directly on the ground in the field and use them as the networked eyes and ears of the operation.

And because you can see exactly where your team’s eyes are going, communication becomes more accu-rate and efficient than ever before, and therefore safer.