Put on, train, win –
eye tracking in sports is this easy.

The precision instrument that you immediately forget: VPS 19 smart glasses are comfortable to wear, safe even when in motion, and help to improve movement sequences, coordination and concentration. On your mark, get set…

Objectively measure the precise location of your gaze and concentration during athletic training. Goalkeeper or slalom training sessions, for example, become more efficient. Feedback to athletes becomes more immediate and the progress achieved can also be documented. Challenge your opponents with the eye hyper-tracking of VPS 19 smart glasses.

Ideal for

  • individual and team sports
  • concentration on specific target areas
  • concentration on sport and game elements (ball, equipment, etc.)
  • training
  • documentation
  • feedback sessions

There is no sport in which gaze guidance
does not play a central role.

Recording sessions.

Document training sessions and competitions in images and sound. See exactly where your athletes are looking while also identifying what they perceive thanks to eye hyper-tracking technology. The recordings help your team learn and improve.

Improve concentration.

Winning and losing happen first in the mind. That’s why it is ideal for athletes and their coaches to objectively document when and where concentration stops and attention wanders.

Holds on tight: the VPS 19 can even be worn on the playing field,
the slopes or in the ring.

Document progress and avoid plateaus.

You can archive everything that the VPS system records. This enables you to create a detailed performance picture over an extended period of time. Training progress becomes visible, plateaus are immediately noticeable, and drops in performance are detected in time.