Know what subjects perceive.
With only one pair of glasses.

There’s an old saying that “you can’t see inside another person”. Yes, you can, we say. Measuring and documenTing eye movements, especially the unconscious ones, provide a deep insight into what people perceive, what they don’t and how they react to it.

Operating instructions: put on the glasses. Away we go!

That’s how easy it is to use eye tracking in everyday research or field studies.

Whether science or marketing, numerous international institutes and business leaders are already using our lightweight, everyday smart glasses to optimize their research and analysis.


  • research
  • medicine
  • psychology
  • psychiatry
  • ergonomics
  • sport


  • marketing
  • agriculture
  • food industry
  • accident analysis
  • UX design
  • traffic safety

A broad range of applications

Measure reactions:

How do subjects, employees or customers react? Analyze and optimize situations, environments, products, media, communication and much more.

Understand behavior:

From ergonomics to critical work like medicine or transportation, explore what people do and how they can do it better.

Record reflexes:

Measure unconscious responses through reflex eye movements. This is essential, for example, in the interaction of humans and machines or in research into behavior in dangerous situations, not to mention in product design, for signage, etc.

Eye tracking, everywhere

Do you dream of eye tracking that is mobile, robust, easy to use and affordable? May we present the VPS 19.

The lightweight glasses are quickly “forgotten” by the wearer after they are put on, and for the first time allow accurate measurement of behavior, even on the move and in changing light conditions.

Simple, also for evaluations: Fact Finder allows you to visualize your data manually and in a few minutes

That’s how easy it is to analyze collected data on your PC or any other device.

Advantages of VPS 19 smart glasses in research and analysis:

  • mobile eye tracking studies
  • lightweight and comfortable to wear smart glasses, even for a long time
  • simple operation
  • full HD 13MP camera
  • external smart unit with user-friendly 4.3” multi-touch display for data processing
  • hot swap battery for continuous, uninterrupted data collection
  • suitable for both detailed individual analyses and studies with many subjects
  • indication of heat maps and areas of interest (with iMotions software)

Optimization of marketing initiatives

Marketing creates desire, and for that to happen, your messages must resonate. Make sure they are actually received and seen, from traditional advertising to online communications to POS.

Communicate better in a targeted way

How do your customers experience shopping? Do people understand your signage? How well do advertising and other factors work in the purchase decision? From now on, you can easily and reliably measure, understand and so better improve consumer attention and perception.

Ideal for:

  • mystery shopping
  • usability improvement/user experience (e.g. for websites)
  • development of improvements for advertising and marketing material
  • lighting optimization
  • creation of decision-making principles

Visual guidance to the product

Analyze the entire customer journey, from first contact with your communication to store access, shelf placement and packaging.

Improve every contact point to optimize all of your marketing efforts.

Measure what is perceived right there where the purchase decision is made. With simple eye tracking suitable for everyday use

VPS 19 smart glasses: look into the soul of your customers.

With VPS 19 smart glasses, measuring customer reactions works first of all not under laboratory conditions but where the purchase decision is made. Thanks to the revolutionary technology of the VPS system, this is possible even under suboptimal lighting conditions and, with the help of streaming, even live. The result: objective, non-manipulable records of the customers’ actual experience.