VPS 19: the simplest
smart glasses in the world

A plug-and-play system, ready to use for streaming and recording, no further IT outlay needed. Only 43 grams. Are we making it too easy for you?

Experience the world standard in simplicity combined with top performance: extremely easy operation, unprecedented wearing comfort, streaming and full functionality even in changing light conditions, plus battery replacement for uninterrupted streaming operation. VPS 19 smart glasses are simply ideal for any kind of daily work.

Enhanced performance for
your employees,
zero effort for you

Eye Tracking

Thanks to innovative eye hyper-tracking technology, VPS 19 smart glasses measure eye movement so accurately, that the gaze point of the wearer can be determined without any misinterpretations. The discreet indication on the display lets you know exactly, and in real time, where the person is focusing their attention. This enables loss-free communication across language barriers and in noisy environments; saving both time and money.


provides precise visibility of eye movements and thus enables loss-free communication among your teams.

Best in Remote Support

  • Loss-free communication through eye tracking
  • Overcome language barriers – accurate communication even without words
  • Give exact instructions through annotations on the screen.
  • Low bandwidth mode – streaming in good quality even with a poor Internet connection

The power
of attractive design

Never underestimate your employees’ rejection of a new system. Anything that doesn’t fit well, looks clunky or impairs visibility, won’t be popular to wear in the long run. VPS 19 smart glasses overcome any skepticism thanks to their high wearing comfort and attractive design. This makes it fun for your teams to use the latest technology in their day-to-day work, and it’s to the benefit of the entire company

Highest data security

Work with a secure live stream. With VPS 19 smart glasses, your data is transmitted directly, encrypted and without intermediate storage; so external parties have no access at any time.

Plug-and-play smart glasses that just work and that people like wearing

The main advantages of VPS 19 smart glasses

VPS 19 Smart GlassesOther smart glasses
PracticabilityPreconfigured, ready to use, updates over-the-airLaborious installation necessary
WIFI sufficientYesAdditional infrastructure needed
Low Bandwidth ModeGood quality streaming, even with a poor internet connectionPoor internet connectivity = poor streaming quality
Light independenceIndependent of extraneous light – works in almost all lighting conditions, even changing onesGood results only under stable conditions or when presenting at the conference table
Cost transparencyNo additional infrastructure, no further licenses requiredOften additional IT infrastructure or high investment in the development of the application, additional licenses required for additional users
Future-proofFuture-proof hardware can be updated with new applications at any time without additional costsDue to a software update, the hardware is no longer compatible and must be replaced.
Wearing comfortCan be worn for hours like normal glasses, light on the nose, wearers are happy to wear themRapid fatigue, pressure points on nose and ears, limited freedom of movement
Steady fit in motionSecure hold of the smart glasses even during violent movementsLimited freedom of movement due to slipping, careful movement necessary
Health and safetyNo radiation-emitting transmitting modules on the head, no laser beams hit the eyeHours of exposure to radiant modules directly on the head, eye tracking sometimes by means of laser technology
Acceptance in the companyAttractive design, easy to useClunky, “uncool” and impractical


The top 10
long-term benefits
for your business:

easy to use
reduces costs
and time
reduces the carbon footprint through remote applications
improves your
service level
optimizes processes
enables efficient
on-the-job learning
increases both quality and safety
motivates employees
drives digitization
of the company
flexible use, can be upgraded as required

Easy Integration

Easy to use, no IT investment and ready to go – you can’t get the benefits of smart glasses any faster.

VPS 19 smart glasses make remote support easy, enable precise analyses in research, facilitate training and much more. The big advantage is that no additional investment is required for the purchase and no additional infrastructure is necessary.

VPS 19: Top performance, small investment

  • Preconfigured – ready-to-use smart glasses
  • Plug-and-play – no time-consuming instructions
  • Even ongoing maintenance is minimal thanks to OTA (over the air) updates.


no time-consuming instructions

Even ongoing maintenance is minimal

thanks to OTA (over the air) updates.

Preconfigured –

ready-to-use smart glasses

Get started right away with no hassle: Browser-only streaming

Browser-only means you only need a WIFI or LTE connection, nothing else – no app, no server, no IT connection, no further initialization. And another advantage of the browser-only application … you can receive the VPS 19 smart glasses stream on any existing end device.

Easy to anchor in the company

And there’s another factor that should not be underestimated: the acceptance of smart glasses in the company. Clunky “face computers” that cause fatigue or even pressure points after a short time are not popular with employees. No problem:

Simply hands-free: work continues

VPS 19 smart glasses offer high quality streaming with integrated eye tracking. This means they enable interpretation and loss-free communication, while leaving the hands free.

VPS 19 smart glasses are extremely light, practical, comfortable, and simply look good.

This is another reason why employees like to wear and use the system.

System upgradable at any time

To further expand the use of VPS 19 smart glasses at any time, you can add more applications and extend existing ones via an open API. Or link the applications with your company’s own data and programs.


Improve your competitiveness and make your employees’ work noticeably easier.

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The Smart Unit:
everything always there

The VPS smart unit is the brain behind your VPS 19 smart glasses. Equipped with a touchscreen, 9DOF motion sensor, 4G+, GPS, WIFI and Bluetooth; it records all the data from the glasses, streams it and also evaluates it live in some cases.

The pre-installed software is regularly updated to the latest version free of charge and over-the-air (OTA) as needed.

Software: making sense of data

Data that you collect with the VPS 19 smart glasses can easily be analyzed on your PC or on any other end device.

Two software programs are available for this type of analysis and video preparation. Choose between VPS Fact Finder and our partner iMotions, depending on your needs.

VPS Fact Finder

Smart, simple and clear, VPS Fact Finder prepares all data from the VPS 19 smart glasses for further use. The software displays recorded vision and perception, in a multi-layered way. From the point of view, where the wearer’s attention is, to the gaze sequence, to eye catches, you get precise and objective representations.

Understanding perception

In addition, Viewpointsystem has the only measurement method in the world, that also provides visualizations that can be used to infer the perception of what is being seen. The visualization options open up a new dimension of understanding human perception.


Evaluation software

VPS 19 smart glasses and the smart unit produce a variety of valuable data. They are clearly displayed with the intelligent evaluation software from iMotions. From the gaze data, you’ll be able to identify areas of interest, fixations and create heat maps. You can analyze the data from many test subjects automatically, and also stream the data live (browser-based) for remote observation.

In this way, you gain a holistic view of human behavior and have precise, objective representations of gaze sequences as well as of the wearer’s visual behavior.

iMotions therefore gives you a more comprehensive understanding of how someone experiences the world, since behavior and reactions can be objectively measured and evaluated.

Outlook: Mixed Reality click-on display