Ensure plant availability,
reduce costs, increase efficiency. Just like that.

On with the VPS 19, down with the costs. Connect experts via streaming, perform PDIs and FATs, and optimize training, documentation and processes. Easy.

Increase productivity and security by connecting your team members to each other and to remote experts.

Or use what the data glasses record for documentation. All with maximum data security.

Ideal for:

  • remote support
  • service level agreements
  • more efficient PDIs (Pre-Delivery Inspections)
  • SOP in process optimization
  • maintenance procedure as video instead of manual
  • factory acceptance tests (FATs)
  • workplace organization and ergonomics
  • service maintenance and audit controls

REMOTE SUPPORT: And everything works with VPS 19 smart glasses

In the event of machine damage, technicians on site need immediate support from experts. You can have VPS 19 smart glasses up and running in minutes. The expert can give precise instructions immediately, even with language barriers, in a noisy environment or in poor lighting conditions.

Your frontline employees have their hands free, can perform repairs or maintenance work in seconds and thus ensure plant availability (OEE). No time lost.

Precise eye tracking

Thanks to innovative eye hyper-tracking technology, VPS 19 smart glasses measure eye movement so accurately that the gaze point of the wearer can be determined without any misinterpretations.

The discreet indication on the display lets you know exactly and in real time where the person is focusing their attention.

Communication with VPS 19 smart glasses is more accurate than speech:
by showing with glances and by drawings on screenshots,
employees on site can be guided efficiently
through service and maintenance work.

Saves time, saves money

Other systems are often accompanied by high investment costs for programming a new application. VPS 19 smart glasses are a one-time investment that can be integrated into your current workflow at plug-and-play speed.

  • Work without interruption: batteries can be replaced while the stream is running.
  • Easy to integrate into the workflow: no additional infrastructure, no additional investment
  • Unlimited use: license-free use of VPS 19 smart glasses, even by multiple employees

VPS 19 smart glasses bring maximum benefits with minimal acquisition
and zero maintenance costs.

Grows with you

You can continue to extend the use of VPS 19 smart glasses at any time by adding more applications via an open API, upgrading existing ones and linking them to your company’s own data and programs.

VPS 19 smart glasses are a scalable, future-proof system

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Training: learn faster

Accurate and focused feedback during training sessions significantly speeds up training and also makes it much safer.

And the willingness to learn increases. Innovation inspires!

Your advantages

  • faster and more accurate learning through pinpointed feedback
  • accelerated and deeper learning
  • simulations become more efficient
  • visual training provides practical experience
  • pre-recorded situations, procedures and processes make training more tangible, individual and sustainable
  • ensures knowledge transfer from experienced employees to new ones
  • valuable know-how remains within the company.

Documentation: record everything more easily

Simply put on the comfortable, lightweight VPS 19 smart glasses and everything the employee sees on site is automatically recorded, captured and documented.

In this way, you facilitate tamperproof documentation, eliminate sources of error when writing things down, and guarantee consistent, binding compliance with test criteria as well as pinpoint change management.

Ideal for:

  • FATs
  • PDIs
  • SOPs
  • inspection before delivery of machines
  • assessment of damage to the construction
  • and much more.

–> The result: accuracy, reliability and traceability
plus unstressed employees and more efficient processes.

Process optimization

When, where and why does something go wrong? How quickly do employees tire at which stations? Which processes are suboptimal? The more precise the analysis, the easier and better the maintenance of quality.

Improve your services, reduce costs, reduce employee work steps and open up new business models through the use of VPS 19 smart glasses.

Feedback in real time helps your employees in the field
to perform even complex tasks perfectly.

Customer service
at any time and from anywhere