The VPS 19 smart glasses have recently been successfully deployed and tested in the marine and ship management industry. Here are some impressions from Singapore’s drydock “Sembcorp Marine Admirality Yard”. Salén Ship Management from Gothenburg, Sweden, used the smart glasses here to provide remote support for repairs and maintenance of luxury expedition vessels.

During the peak of the pandemic, Salén Ship Management was not allowed to bring overseas service engineers to Singapore, so remote support of the local staff by centrally located experts was a key element. During inspections and certifications, all steps can be documented. The glasses can also be used for onboard healthcare when the ship’s doctor needs support and consultation for more difficult cases. 

“User-friendliness and a good fit are crucial when the glasses are worn during long and often strenuous repairs in the shipyard,” says Roger Hansson of Salén Ship Management. “All that is needed is a stable internet connection for streaming, no other IT support. Eye tracking helps with communication difficulties; the wearer’s displayed gaze point makes it immediately clear where their attention is.”