Training and Education with Smart Glasses: How Eye Tracking Boosts Performance

Training und die Ausbildung mit Smart Glasses

By Jana Riethausen, Viewpointsystem Editorial Team

Regardless of size, companies face a common industry challenge: how to train specialists in complex topics in a way that is both practical and cost-effective.

Digitalization has made regular training essential. Production workers must quickly adapt to new technologies, processes, and machines. Traditional face-to-face training is often time-consuming and expensive, and can actually hinder the achievement of productivity goals. That’s why it’s crucial to streamline training to be fast, flexible and standardized. 

This is where VPS Smart Glasses come in: Equipped with eye tracking-technology, they increase the efficiency and effectiveness of learning and facilitate the creation of digital learning content.

As automation reshapes production workflows, employees’ roles evolve, requiring them to adapt and acquire new skills. For many, this means moving from manual tasks to operating and programming complex machinery – a significant leap in knowledge and training requirements. 


Eye tracking provides precise data for upskilling and reskilling employees. It visualizes the user’s gaze in real-time, revealing focus points and attention patterns. This dual benefit empowers trainers and learners alike: 

  1. Trainers can observe and understand exactly what the trainee sees and perceives, enabling targeted feedback that supports learning outcomes. 
  1. Learners gain insight into the focus areas of their instructors or more experienced peers, which helps them to learn what is important for new tasks.   


  • Practical training videos replace bulky manuals, guiding trainees step-by-step through their tasks. 
  • Gaining a first-hand view from experts enhances memory retention and focuses attention on critical elements. 
  • Visual training integrates practical scenarios, making learning more relevant and immersive. 
  • Streaming enables live remote training. 
  • Training sessions become more dynamic and engaging. 
  • Unique insights into learners’ focus points provide valuable feedback for personalized training approaches. 
  • The technology’s application remains flexible, from intensive individual training to group training. 
Training und die Ausbildung mit Smart Glasses

Training und Ausbildung mit Smart Glasses


Our customer ÖBB (Austrian Federal Railways) uses VPS Smart Glasses to improve safety and efficiency in shunting operations. In scenarios where misjudgments and distraction pose risks, VPS Smart Glasses play a critical role in highlighting areas of focus and streamlining workflows to mitigate potential damage and prevent accidents. 

In addition, VPS Smart Glasses have recently played a critical role in enhancing the training of railcar inspectors. Through the glasses, new inspectors are trained to develop a methodical approach to inspecting vehicles, cargo and load securing devices, significantly improving rail safety standards.  A best case in training and education with smart glasses!

Evaluation of training videos on the screen. The eye tracking heatmap shows which areas the railcar inspectors focused on during training.


Ongoing education is pivotal in the digital transformation journey. 

Aaron Overmeyer, Managing Director of Ind.Academy, which specializes in digital learning content for the industrial sector, forecasts a future where learning and working will become inseparably linked. On-the-job training is set to become more prevalent, effectively merging learning and working into a single continuous process. 

Consequently, the demand for adaptable and impactful employee training is expected to rise sharply. Innovative training tools like VPS Smart Glasses will be crucial for addressing the skill gaps and demographic shifts we’re facing. They pave the way for new possibilities for enhanced insight and superior performance — vital for thriving in our digital era. 


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