By Jana Riethausen, PR & Corporate Communications

Imagine it’s the middle of the week, actually a normal working day, but instead of daily business it says “Inspire Day” on your calendar. Once a month at Viewpointsystem it is exactly like that. Then it’s time for “business as unusual”.

About a year ago, we introduced Inspire Day, a day when our team members are free to spend their time for their inspiration and well-being. That can mean pursuing personal interests. Or outdoor activities with colleagues or the kids. It can also mean deep work on a topic that you don’t get to in your day-to-day routine, or brainstorming with your team. Whatever you do, this day is about recharging your batteries, inspiring yourself and inspiring others.

How did the idea for Inspire Day come about? Nils Berger, CEO of Viewpointsystem, explains: “A year ago, the war in Ukraine had just started and everyone was still struggling with the effects of the pandemic. There was a general feeling of exhaustion and uncertainty in the air. We wanted to show our team how much we value them and give them a chance to recharge, especially in these uncertain times. We really wanted to make a bold statement. So we decided to give our team the most precious gift, the gift of time. Working for us as a young dynamic company solving complex technology issues can sometimes be challenging and requires a willingness to go the extra mile. Inspire Day, however, is all about recharging your energy. Because we know that innovation is only possible with the necessary inspiration and leisure.”

A working day a month at your own disposal – are there any restrictions or expectations as to what activities you can choose? “Not really,” says Danja Lehner, Head of People Experience at Viewpointsystem, “but it is important to us that the day is actively used as a time out from the daily work routine. To promote exchange and personal development, we have recently been offering activities such as ‘Tech Day’, where our colleagues can get their hands on the latest technologies, or our new ‘Academy’ with lectures on specific topics.”

“We are committed to creating a workplace that not only supports our employee’s professional growth, but also their personal development”, adds Nils Berger. “Inspire Day is one of the ways we do this, and we believe that it helps to foster a culture of creativity, innovation, and well-being.”

So now Inspire Day is celebrating its first anniversary! We took the opportunity to talk to some of our colleagues to get their thoughts on Inspire Day, and here is what they say:


1 year of Inspire Day – your summary in one sentence:
A well-planned Inspire Day can add immense value to your working environment.

How do you make the most of the day?
I’ve always tried to follow my feelings. Some days I felt focused and eager to work on new things – so I used Inspire Day to develop new strategies at work or start new projects in complete silence, undisturbed by phone calls and meetings. These turned out to be some of my most efficient and productive times.

Other times, I felt social and energetic, so I joined my colleagues for various activities such as barbecues, brunches or hikes. These activities gave me the chance to sort of rediscover the people I work with and build stronger relationships with them, both professionally and personally.

What has been your best Inspire Day experience so far?
Hiking and climbing on Inspire Day in October last year. It was an amazing experience with amazing people. We spent the whole day together, doing sports, talking about passions and experiences, having lunch together and taking care of each other. It brought us all closer together and gave me some great memories. 


Have you learned any lessons since we’ve had Inspire Day?
Time is precious. Nothing and no one gives it back. I have to be extremely careful with time, even more than I am used to.

How do you make the most of the day?
My goal for this special day is to do something that is extremely difficult to realize in a normal work/life routine due to family and work demands. For example, visiting a museum or a special place that you’re the only one in your family or circle of friends interested in, or organizing something you’d like to do with unusual company (your colleagues, for example).

One year of Inspire Day – your one-sentence summary:
You can breathe an unusual sense of freedom! You are free to plan the day in a very unconventional way.


Have you learned any lessons since we’ve had Inspire Day?
We used Inspire Day once in a smaller group to move forward with our workshop series on “Organization & Structure”. We worked together very efficiently for half the day and then had lunch together. We made really great progress that day! It was a good example of how you can combine deep work and social activities on this day.

What was your best Inspire Day experience so far?
That was the day we went hiking through the vineyards of Vienna in Grinzing in the 19th district with some female colleagues. We had a great nature experience, lots of exercise and very good conversations. A fantastic day!

How do you try to get the most out of the day? 
I benefit most from meeting nice colleagues and trying to organize a day out together. For me, it’s always great to get to know my colleagues better in a non-work environment.


One year of Inspire Day – your recap in one sentence:
A great benefit to be creative and try new ways.

In which way do you benefit from it?
I try to fill the day with creative impressions or team events that there would otherwise be no time for. It’s a good way to clear my head and come up with new solutions or start the next day with more energy.

Have you taken any learnings from the first year of Inspire Day?
It’s a great day to tackle things that would otherwise fall through the cracks or that you wouldn’t normally have time for.

What would you definitely do again on Inspire Day?
Go to the Aqua Terra Zoo (“Haus des Meeres”) here in Vienna, preferably with the team. I find sea turtles, for example, incredibly inspiring – always relaxed, never hectic, and all the more determined!