We are finally back at AWE (Augmented World Expo) which takes place Nov. 9-11 in Santa Clara, Silicon Valley. And we are excited to showcase Digital Iris Inside, a new integration technology that will give AR/VR devices easy access to the enormous potential of eye tracking.

AR/VR experts and anyone involved in extended reality know: Eye tracking is one of the most promising technologies to help the immersive technology industry to move forward with AR and VR. Foveated rendering in VR/gaming is only one of many versatile applications, helping to optimize the processing power of the VR device.  Even more effective and fascinating: Eye tracking tells your AR/MR glasses where you are looking and what you are interested in. It can thus make interaction with AR/MR devices much more intuitive, because the information that you need will be displayed in the right moment, in the right place and at the right depth, without your active intervention – an important step in paving the way for mainstream AR and everyday consumer applications.

At AWE USA 2021, we will showcase for the first time how easy it can be to integrate eye tracking – with Digital Iris Inside. Smart glass manufacturers and suppliers no longer need to master factors such as the complexity of the technology and the size of the components themselves, but instead gain access to the most effective and intuitive human-machine interface in a simple and practical way. We’ll reveal more about Digital Iris Inside soon, stay tuned!


Visit us at AWE in the Sponsors Area booth #518 for an exclusive preview of Digital Iris Inside.
Nils Berger, CEO, will headline the session “Digital Iris Inside: The easy way to unlock the potential of the eyes” Nov. 9, 2021, 4:35 – 5:00 pm. Grand Ballroom H