Future-proof Supply Chain, High Innovation Power: Viewpointsystem Announces New EMS Partner for Smart Glasses Components and Product Developments

The partnership with Swiss Variosystems AG (Steinach) ensures a stable supply chain and rapid market maturity of new products in the field of smart glasses.

Vienna, May 2, 2023. Viewpointsystem has brought a strong new partner on board: global electronics service provider Variosystems is the new EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) partner of the Vienna-based deep-tech company when it comes to the supply of printed circuit boards and thereby the electrical assembly which is the heart of Viewpointsystem’s smart glasses. Variosystems will build the required PCBs from scratch and equip them with customized components.

By partnering with an experienced and globally active EMS company, Viewpointsystem ensures a stable supply chain for the smart glasses, which are already used by numerous companies for applications such as remote support and distant collaboration in manufacturing. The partnership further enhances the quality and stability of the glasses as Variosystems has a large network of leading component suppliers and uses the latest equipment to deliver the assemblies from a single source in consistently high quality.

Sparring partner for future innovations

In the future, Variosystems will also support Viewpointsystem in the development of new product variants in the field of smart glasses. Joint development projects are planned in which Viewpointsystem will provide product ideas and initial prototypes that will be finalized and industrialized by the Swiss partner.

“The cooperation with Variosystems means a big step forward in the quality of our products,” says Nils Berger, CEO and Founder of Viewpointsystem. “In addition, we will be able to develop and launch new product variants faster and more flexibly, benefiting from the vast experience and expertise of Variosystems.”

Norbert Bachstein, Co-Founder & Head of Variosystems Europe, sees the future potential of the cooperation and says: “Smart glasses are a future technology with huge market potential. Through the cooperation with Viewpointsystem, we are building up expertise in this dynamic technology environment at an early stage and are closely involved in the development process, which is essential for product quality.”

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