2.5 million EU funding for 3D-printed lenses: Printoptix and Viewpointsystem bring momentum to the micro-optics market

Tiny high-end optics, customizable and suitable for series production: Printoptix from Stuttgart and Viewpointsystem from Vienna aim to bring complex micro-optics to market. They focus on outstanding quality at competitive prices using a novel 3D printing process. Their ambitious cooperation project “3DPrintoptixMarket” is supported by the European Innovation Council (EIC) with a grant of 2.5 million euros.

NimbleAI is on: The Horizon Europe project aimed to push the boundaries of neuromorphic vision

On 23rd and 24th of November 2022 the 19 project partners from across Europe gathered in Arrasate-Mondragón (Spain) to officially kick-start NimbleAI – the 3-year and 10 M€ research project which will improve energy-efficiency and performance of next-generation neuromorphic chips that sustain event-based vision. Their goal is to create an integral neuromorphic sensing-processing 3D silicon stacked architecture to efficiently run accurate and diverse computer vision algorithms in resource- and area-constrained chips destined to endpoint devices.