Viewpointsystem makes the “VPS 19” smart glasses even more easy to operate: At Hannover Messe 2022, the new auto-calibration feature will be presented for the first time, allowing the glasses to be ready for use within seconds and can quickly change between users.

Hannover/Vienna, May 19, 2022. Immediate remote support in the event of malfunctions, efficient maintenance at a distance, and an improved carbon footprint thanks to less travel: Benefits like these motivate more and more manufacturing companies to use smart glasses. A key factor in successful deployment is the employees who work with the technology, such as the frontline on the factory floor. If the glasses are clunky, complicated to operate, or overly sensitive to changing light, then acceptance problems and rejection are bound to occur.

The VPS 19 makes things easy for employees: at just 43 grams on the nose, they are comfortable to wear and sit firmly on the head even when moving quickly.

The system is intuitively understandable even for the untrained. Right out of the box, the glasses are ready for streaming, remote support and recording training videos – and thanks to the new auto-calibration, they are even more easy to use:

  • Put them on, switch them on, start working immediately: Within seconds, the wearer can connect via video stream to remote experts who will guide him during repairs or maintenance procedures. Thanks to the innovative eye tracking technology, it is shown where the wearer is focusing their concentration. This means that the wearer can be guided precisely and without misunderstandings via audio or via sketches, notes or texts on the screen – even across language barriers or in noisy environments. The new auto-calibration enables immediate detection of the gaze without having to measure the eyes first.
  • Change user, put on helmet – no problem: Even if the glasses slip when a helmet is put on or if the user changes, there is no inaccuracy thanks to auto-calibration and automatic slip compensation. The eye tracking is automatically readjusted and the user’s focus is displayed without interference on the screen.
  • Full focus on the task: With the VPS 19 and the new auto-calibration, the wearer can fully concentrate on the task at hand without the technology taking up his attention. The technology supports the user and not the other way around.

“The advantages of remote support and digital assistance are obvious,” explains Bernhard Kainrath, Head of Sales at Viewpointsystem. “The technical expert does not have to travel to the plant to assist with a problem. Manufacturers and also service companies thus save travel time and costs, maintain plant availability and avoid expensive machine downtimes. Our solution is so easy to set up and operate that even relatively untrained people can use it to carry out repairs or remote maintenance in the plant without much effort.”

The VPS 19 at a glance:

  • System consisting of lightweight eye tracking glasses and smart unit for calculations and transmissions (smart unit can be worn on the belt, for example)
  • Flexible use cases (remote support, remote maintenance, FATs, quality controls, documentation, training, etc.)
  • Allows hands-free work
  • Easy to operate, ready for immediate use
  • No IT infrastructure required other than WIFI / LTE connection
  • Cost transparency (no additional infrastructure and licenses required)
  • Appealing design, high wearing comfort (43g), tight fit
  • Efficient, unambiguous communication through eye tracking and gaze point indication
  • Battery change during streaming (hot swap), unlimited runtime
  • Low bandwidth mode (streaming in good quality even with poor internet connection)
  • Software updates OTA (over the air) at a distance 
  • Certified safety glasses according to DIN EN 166
  • For spectacle wearers also available with prescription lenses
  • Contact lenses can be worn with glasses
  • Honored with the CES Innovation Award (Honoree) and the Innovation World Cup (category “Industrial”), among others

Viewpointsystem at Hannover Messe, May 30-June 2, 2022: Hall 004, Booth A12
For a personal appointment and live demo of VPS 19, please contact Jana Riethausen,

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