In this series of articles, we introduce some of the fantastic women who work with us at Viewpointsystem. Obviously, they represent all women who work with us. Our goal is to inspire more girls and women to take interest in Technology careers and Tech industries. Because this much is certain: we need more women in the Tech industry. The quota of women in tech professions is still low. And when we look around at industry events and conferences, it becomes clear that there are simply too few women represented in this sector. As a result, there is also a lack of role models for young girls and women who might be interested in the Tech industry.

Diversity in the Tech industry is crucial and a key success factor. Digitalization and diversity must go hand in hand. We need more female ideas and innovations to create better solutions that consider everyone in an inclusive society and not just one part. So, dear girls and women, do tech!

Serbiniyaz Anyyeva, Algorithmus- und Software-Entwicklerin bei Viewpointsystem


Serbiniyaz Anyyeva is a mathematician and loves bringing vague and chaotic information into something well-organized and clear – algorithms. As an Algorithm and Software Developer at Viewpointsystem, she is responsible for theoretical research on algorithms to their practical implementation.

“At first, I analyze and design algorithms, check their implementability for our system. Then I design its software realization and do its initial programmatic implementation. Together as a team we then refine and optimize it,” Serbiniyaz explains.

She is always fascinated by the elegance of the structure that comes out in the end, “the way a pattern of the weaving is seen when the rug is completed”. Seeing the final result integrated in our eye tracking system is the cherry on the cake for her.


Carolina Sladek has a degree in Civil Engineering and works as a Supply Chain Officer at Viewpointsystem.

“I oversee production planning and manage the supply line for our production,” Carolina explains. “I execute the orders for everything going into our smart glasses – from electronics and mechanical parts down to tiny screws used in the assembling process. My job is to get every part of the product to our production site in the right quantity and quality at the very best price and just in time for the next production run.”

What excites you about your job, Carolina? “I like that my position is very diverse and linked to almost every department of our company, so I get a very good idea of what is going on at all times and it never gets boring. I also love communicating with many different people in and outside the company in combination with the strategic and logistical aspect of supply chain planning, which – I think – fits my personality quite well.”

Victoria Zykova, Business Development Manager at viewpointsystem


From studying Sinology to the Tech sales business: Victoria works as a Business Development Manager and is responsible for our international and research customers.

“It excites me to solve the challenges of our customers in an innovative and disruptive manner”, she explains. “Our smart glasses for remote maintenance, for instance, can change the whole working process, while helping customers reduce their costs. Moreover, my job enables to get an insight into almost every industry and, what is most important of all – meeting new people every single day.”

Victoria strives to link customer wishes and product management: “That’s how we develop our system taking into consideration with customer’s wishes and new market trends.”

In her opinion women can change the tech world “with creative thinking and fresh ideas”. Go for it, Victoria!

Renate Stiegler, Analyst in the field of Eye Tracking at viewpointsystem


Renate holds a degree in Engineering with a focus on traffic research. At Viewpointsystem she is in charge of consulting projects in the areas of traffic safety, orientation and marketing. With the help of eye tracking and our smart glasses, she analyzes where people look in certain situations and what they perceive. She can then use these recordings to derive recommendations for improvement, such as signage in road traffic.

“I’m fascinated by how easy it is to gain insight into human behavior and perception with eye-tracking videos,” Renate explains. “Even in confusing situations, it quickly becomes clear what is perceived and what is not. Human perception is limited! Many people don’t realize that.”

“Technology is fun and diverse,” is her message. “It never gets boring!”


Switching from Finance and Accounting to the Tech Sales business; Audrey Caritey works as a Business Development Manager and is responsible for our customers in North America.

“I studied finance and accounting, but my first job out of school was working for a small start-up that specialized in convergence networks when nobody was talking about them at all. That was what ignited the spark within me, and probably was the most valuable education I received that has gotten me to where I am today: selling breakthrough technology solutions that ultimately reduce time and money for businesses,“ Audrey says.

“What excites me the most about my job is that I’m part of something revolutionary, something that has an impact and value to not only the businesses using them, but to the people as well,“ Audrey explains. She loves to work for a company that has the ability to quickly respond to the customers’ real needs and almost instantly has a team of engineers refining the technology or developing a new solution to assist them.

Audrey encourages young women to become more involved in new industries and careers: “Apply for a job at a company where you really don’t understand what they do! No matter what your role is there; the exposure you’ll get to seeing all of the truly different roles there are in a business may spark something inside of you that you did not expect to have an interest in.”