On May 19, 2022, Austrian Standards presented the eighth Living Standards Award, Austria’s most important prize for standardization and innovation. We are excited to announce that we took home the coveted trophy in the category “Developing Future Technology”.

Viewpointsystem was awarded for the ESM 22, a preconfigured eye sensor module. By using the ESM 22, other manufacturers of smart glasses can integrate our eye tracking technology into their products. This gives them access to the user’s eye data and allows them to use this intuitive human-machine interface for augmented and mixed reality applications.

Standards help us in product development because they ensure the necessary safety certifications and thus provide confidence to users. On the other hand, by taking standards into account, we can position ourselves internationally and explore new markets.

“Even though our technology is anything but a standard solution and we leave the comfort zone almost every day, standards are extremely important for us to create internationally marketable solutions and future technology innovations. Ultimately, this allows us to contribute to the development of new standards in the field of human-machine interfaces,” explains Nils Berger, CEO and owner of Viewpointsystem. 

In the run-up to the award ceremony, a film team from Austrian Standards visited our production facility. Click on the video and learn more about us and our solutions. Austrian Standards gets to the point in just three minutes!

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