No matter if you are in AR or VR or MR, in software or hardware, development or production, marketing or research – the one thing we all crave is the key to breaking down the barrier between human and machine.

So far, the man-machine conversation has been mostly a one-way street. Sure, machines are starting to understand us and even learn from us. But only if we make them to. Only if we consciously steer them. In typing, in swiping and gesturing, even in speaking, you have to TELL your machine what you want. Which is like a romantic partner that you have to tell how you feel, and that you would really like a kiss right now.

Wouldn‘t it be so much better if they took one look at you and just KNEW? A device that you could read and that could read you – That would be true immersion.

We at Viewpointsystem are convinced that we have found the master key to digital immersion. We are not saying that we have all the answers ready at hand. But we have found the missing link to bring the human being into the digital loop. It lies in our eyes.

When we’re tired, when we’re confused, when we’re excited or stressed – minuscule movements of our eyes give it away. While eye-tracking has been around for a while and others are doing it, we have developed a technology called Eye Hyper-Tracking, which allows us not only to see what people see, but also to see what they feel while they’re seeing it.

And we are developing the software to go along with this revolutionary Human Machine Interface. We call it the Digital Iris.

For the past years, we have been putting together a puzzle, taking pieces that are already there, creating a couple of new ones and fitting them together into one connected hardware-software platform that is just about ready to revolutionize the way we enter the digital loop. This will open up completely new applications – in industry, mobility and medicine, among others, but also in people’s everyday life.

We are not there yet. But we have come far already. Our launch date for the first basic version of Digital Iris is in January 2019.

We are convinced that our technology will change the way we interact with the digital reality – together with you. Also your machine, your device or system, can make sense of the subconscious eye-movements. This is an opportunity we are creating for all of us! Follow us here on LinkedIn and stay tuned.