Viewpointsystem Wins CES 2019 Innovation Honoree Award for VPS 19 Wearable - VPS 19
A clear view of the operational environment: Eye-tracking as an effective training tool
Viewpointsystem introduces a new dimension in mixed reality at CES 2019

VPS 19 is the first wearable technology combining eye tracking with a display unit for Mixed Reality applications. This combination allows, among other things, the control of digital content using eye gestures.

Vienna, Austria – Viewpointsystem, the market leader for eye tracking systems for commercial applications, is pleased to announce the VPS 19.  The VPS 19 are the first smart glasses in the industry to combine eye tracking with a display element for a Mixed Reality experience.  Viewpointsystem will be demonstrating this new revolutionary technology, which won a CES 2019 Innovation Honoree Award in the Wearable Technologies at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, NV, January 8 – 11, 2019.

The inclusion of “Digital Iris” technology is what sets the VPS 19 apart from other wearable technologies. The Digital Iris is capable of interpreting a person’s eye behavior to enable interaction by eye gesture, both consciously and subconsciously. From now on, the user can interact with the elements displayed simply using his eyes instead of hands or voice. On the other hand, the system can detect whether an object is unconsciously receiving our attention or whether we are not perceiving something and reacting accordingly.  For example, the VPS 19 provides information about these objects by highlighting them on the display, forcing the user to pay attention to these objects. The content on the display is kept to a minimum in order not to distract the user and to ensure full attention in the respective situation.

The VPS 19 glasses are lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear for long periods of time (less than 95g including display unit), just like an ordinary pair of glasses, but are highly durable to provide reliable service in real-life environments and changing light conditions. The system is modular: The robust state-of-the-art eye tracking system can be extended with the additional display unit which is placed in front of the glasses. They can be fully customized with corrective lenses for the wearer. The VPS 19 system features three high-resolution and high-frame-rate HDR micro cameras and an image processing CPU, all integrated discreetly into the glasses. Other features include a wide field of view and hot-swappable, exchangeable batteries which guarantee an unlimited long runtime.

Nils Berger, CEO and Owner of Viewpointsystem said: “The new VPS 19 expands on the already successful VPS 16 system that, since its launch one year ago, is currently in use by more than 70 customers worldwide including Heineken, Coca Cola, Jordans Dorset Ryvita and Takenaka, by adding new Digital Iris technology. Using our eyes as human-machine-interface allows intuitive interaction and bidirectional information exchange, whereas using our hands or the voice means a consciousness-driven, one-sided controlled action. Digital Iris will take the interaction between humans and digital devices to a new level.”

The new VPS 19 with Digital Iris can provide limitless opportunities for various manufacturing, security, mobility, transportation, retailing and logistics sectors. For example, a unique feature of VPS technology will make barcode scanning processes in logistics and retail faster and much more effective: Using and operating the App “Barcode Scan” the system is able to scan all barcodes that are in the field of view of the wearer at the same time within seconds (not one after the other as in present solutions). The right barcode is selected automatically, the barcode information appears on the display and is confirmed by the wearer by eye gesture. Scanning multiple barcodes at once can reduce time spent on the task and significantly reduce costs associated with the task.

In the manufacturing industry, equipment maintenance can be performed by on-site staff wearing the VPS system who are remotely connected to service experts off-site.  The remote expert has a ‘you see what I see’ view, allowing them to see the issue firsthand and advise the on-site technician the best course of action to repair a piece of machinery. The technician can take and send pictures of the machinery by using eye gestures. The expert can also track the perception of the on-site technician in real time. No longer do manufacturers have to shut down a production line for an extended period of time while they wait for an experienced tech to arrive from an off-site location for a repair. These are just two of the many applications for the VPS 19.

The Viewpointsystem VPS 19 will be available in early 2019.

About Viewpointsystem

Vienna-based technology SME Viewpointsystem combines the expertise of vision research with state-of-the-art technology development. Roughly 1.5 years after the market launch of the first system, Viewpointsystem is the market leader for eye tracking systems in commercial applications – from remote maintenance and live consulting by experts from other locations to efficient training and video documentation. The company has more than 70 clients in four verticals with a global footprint. Viewpointsystem currently employs 35+ people in Software & Hardware Development, Application Development, Research & Development, Production, Marketing & Sales and Back office & Administration.


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