Viewpointsystem Showcases New VPS 19 at Hannover Messe 2019 - VPS 19
Viewpointsystem introduces a new dimension in mixed reality at CES 2019

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    Smart glasses in industrial use:

    The lightweight VPS 19 smart glasses with integrated eye tracking are a practical and cost-efficient aid for remote maintenance and inspection of machines as well as for training and documentation purposes. Eye tracking also makes barcode scanning in logistics and retail faster and more effective. From fall 2019, the VPS 19 will also be available with Mixed Reality features and intuitive eye gesture interaction.

    Hannover/Vienna, 1 April 2019. If a machine stoppage occurs in production, high costs may arise due to delivery delays or quality defects, but also due to the use of external service technicians and corresponding travel costs. In emergency situations like this, but also for machinery maintenance or audits, the new VPS 19 smart glasses with eye tracking help to make fast and precise remote diagnoses and to eliminate faults cost-efficiently. While many existing Augmented and Mixed Reality systems require high investments in programming the application, remote support using the VPS 19 only requires an Internet connection between two or more parties.

    The application works as follows: The VPS 19 connects the technician on-site via video and audio stream with an unlimited number of experts at other locations – for example the customer support of the technical supplier. The off-site experts have a “We see what you see” view on their computer screens, they see exactly where the technician is looking and what he is perceiving – no need for elaborate explanations and descriptions. During streaming, the experts can not only give verbal repair instructions or other assistance, but also send computer-written information, drawings or sketches to the technician’s Smart Unit belonging to the system. The technician thus receives exactly the assistance he needs in the respective situation. The process can also be recorded for documentation and training purposes. No longer do manufacturers have to shut down a production line for an extended period of time while they wait for an experienced tech to arrive from an off-site location for a repair.

    Barcode or QR scanning in logistics and retail is also becoming easier and faster: Thanks to integrated eye tracking, the wearer selects the barcode hands-free through eye gesture. The scanning also works reliably when the barcode is further away or at an angle to the wearer. The system is able to scan all barcodes that are in the field of view of the wearer at the same time within seconds. The right barcode is selected automatically and confirmed by the wearer.

    From fall 2019, additional Mixed Reality (MR) functions will take the VPS 19 to a new level: By combining eye tracking and MR, the system can be operated completely intuitively using eye gestures. The wearer has both hands free for work. To take advantage of MR functions, a separate MR click-on with waveguide display is placed in front of the lenses. Menu items, digital overlays or hand-drawn instructions are displayed to the wearer exactly in his line of sight, where they can be easily processed – without distracting the wearer or tiring his or her eyes. For the first time, it is also possible to evaluate immediately the wearer’s subconscious attention and to integrate it into the MR space.

    “The VPS 19 expands our VPS range, which is already successfully used by more than 70 customers worldwide, including Heineken, Coca-Cola and Jordans Dorset Ryvita”, said Nils Berger, CEO and owner of Viewpointsystem. “By tracking human perception through the eyes, we will soon be able to show wearers MR content that subconsciously attracts their attention or that helps them in a particular situation.”

    Viewpointsystem at Hannover Messe, April 1 to 5, 2019:
    Hall 3, booth H20

    For a personal live demo of the VPS 19, please email

    The key features of the VPS 19 at a glance:

    • Extremely lightweight system, high wearing comfort: Eye tracking glasses (43g) and MR Click-on (52g) together weigh only 95g, plus a hardware component in pocket format, the Smart Unit
    • System can be used with or without MR Click-on
    • 1-to-many bi-directional communication (audio/video/digital content)
    • Works in nearly all lighting conditions
    • Real-time perception tracking is now available for the first time, system unveils the subconscious attention of the wearer

    As of fall 2019:

    • Eye gestures redefine MR: no voice, no hands needed
    • Interaction with digital content through the eyes
    • Add drawings, written instructions, information and scribbles as MR overlays while streaming
    • Thanks to eye tracking, information is displayed where it’s not distracting
    • Non-stop operation of the system through battery swap while in use, battery runtime of 8 hours plus
    • 4G+ onboard for autonomous connectivity
    • Linux based/API driven/cloud ready
    • Appealing design for social acceptance
    • Also available with corrective lenses for spectacle wearers
    • Contact lenses can be worn with glasses
    • Awarded with a CES Innovation Honoree Award 2019, the Iceberg Innovation Leadership Award 2018 and the Innovation World Cup 2019 in the category “Industrial”.
    • Price starts at $4,600 / €3,999

    About Viewpointsystem

    Vienna-based technology SME Viewpointsystem combines the expertise of vision research with state-of-the-art technology development. Roughly 1.5 years after the market launch of the first system, Viewpointsystem is the market leader for eye tracking systems in commercial applications – from remote maintenance and live consulting by experts from other locations to efficient training and video documentation. The company has more than 70 clients in four verticals with a global footprint. Viewpointsystem currently employs 35+ people in software & hardware development, application development, research & development, production, marketing & sales and back office & administration.

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