Features - VPS 19

VPS 19

The world’s first real-time perception tracker

The VPS 19 measures, documents and analyzes the wearer’s field of vision as well as subconscious eye movements in real time. For the first time ever, tracking provides information about the wearer’s real-time perception, including their emotional reaction to what they’ve just seen. This is the first step towards individual data selection for better understanding the content provided by Mixed Reality lenses.

Extremely lightweight glasses with only 43g

The VPS 19 offers unprecedented versatility thanks to its extreme lightness. They can easily be worn for very long periods of time without disturbing or tiring out the wearer and has won over users with maximum flexibility and stability during movements.

Bi-directional communication 

(as audio/video and digital content) including the option of adding an unlimited number of additional viewers via the broadcasting function

The VPS 19 connects on-site users and experts at other locations via audio and video as well as digital content. Broadcasting allows an unlimited number of additional viewers to be connected, they can also participate in the communication and contribute to finding solutions.

Works in nearly all lighting conditions

The VPS 19 offers groundbreaking application flexibility. Aside from its extreme light weight and high level of social acceptance thanks to its modern design, it can also be used in almost any lighting condition. The VPS 19 can be used in dark indoor spaces as well as outside daylight without the need for additional calibration.

Works in nearly all lighting conditions

Add comments such as notes, drawings, text, information and sketches while streaming and send them to the Smart Unit (as MR overlays in the future) 

Superb for remote support: You don’t have to be on-site to share visual information with the person wearing the VPS 19. Comments such as notes, drawings, text, information and sketches, 2D plans and more can be sent from anywhere to the Smart Unit display – and will even appear as MR overlay within the VPS 19 glasses in the future.

Battery runtime of 8 hours plus. Non-stop operation of the system during battery swap

In fact, the VPS 19 can be used continuously and without interruption. The remarkable battery life of over 8 hours already covers the most common applications and non-stop operation is possible with only one reserve battery as it is possible to swap the battery while the system is running.

4G+ onboard for autonomous connectivity

With the VPS 19, you’ll be online wherever and whenever you need it, thanks to the built-in 4G+. This allows for autonomous working and means you can connect to others or the network at any time and exchange, communicate and interact with data.

Linux based/API driven

The VPS 19 system is Linux based and API driven, which means not only a high level of stability, but also that there is the option of extending the system for a low cost. 

Linux based/API driven

Appealing design for social acceptance

Smart Glasses are only as good as they are accepted by the employees. The VPS 19 is ahead of any other available system in this regard, as it is popular among wearers thanks to its stylish design. They look good on, don’t tire you out and actually feel like a pair of standard glasses.

Eye protection according to EN 166

Safety eyewear for professional use must have a marking according to EN 166, established by the EU. This standard sets out the general requirements for personal eye protection, e.g. areas of application, types of eye protection, design of glasses, etc. Therefore, the VPS 19 is not only one of the most advanced Smart Glasses in the world, but also certified professional safety eyewear.

Replaceable optical lenses

The VPS 19 also offers people with impaired vision a one-of-a-kind unique and immersive MR experience. Thanks to replaceable optical lenses, different visual intensities can be taken into account and can be adjusted to the individual wearer in a few quick steps. Additionally, the lenses – the most delicate part of the glasses – can be replaced without the need for a completely new pair of glasses.

Quick and easy calibration

The VPS 19 is the world’s most advanced system for measuring and interpreting eye movement. The precise technology therefore needs to be very finely calibrated once for each user. This process takes just 10 to 20 seconds, after which the glasses can be used immediately by this user at any time.

Quick and easy calibration

Coming soon

MR Click-on Display

Eye Hyper-Tracking glasses together weigh only 95g, combine both for a truly immersive MR experience

With the addition of an ultra-light detachable MR display, the VPS 19 will be even more powerful in the future: you can immerse yourself in an MR experience that is more engaging than ever before, without even paying attention to your glasses. This display will show text, drawings, graphics, etc., making communication with others easier and more intuitive.

Eye gestures redefine MR: no voice, no hands needed

The interface of the new generation has arrived. In the future, the VPS 19 will be controlled using just your eyes, without any need to use your voice or hands. So-called eye gestures allow digital interaction in a way that is more intuitive and more convenient than ever before.

Interaction with digital content through the eyes

The next big step in Gaze-Based MR will be interacting with digital content through the eyes. For the first time ever, it is now possible to browse, label, select, copy, click and do much more without using your hands or voice. So while you’re caught up working with both hands and talking to your colleagues, you can connect to others, to datahubs or to the web using just your eyes.

Making one-to-many & bi-directional communication possible 

If you can communicate with one person, then you can communicate with everyone in the future. With the VPS 19, 1-to-many means that hands-free communication with any number of other people is possible simply by using gaze control – anytime, anywhere and without voice control. This enables the wearer to communicate with specialists on an ongoing basis – written comments and drawings can also be sent to the wearer who sees them on the Smart Unit, and in the future will even be seen as MR overlays directly within the glasses themselves.

Making one-to-many & bi-directional communication possible 

Thanks to Eye Hyper-Tracking, information is displayed where it’s not distracting

Thanks to Eye Hyper-Tracking, the VPS 19 not only detects where you’re looking, but also what is attracting your attention. Therefore, in the future, it will only import content to the MR click-on display when you need it and only where you’re looking. This means your eye doesn’t have to jump between the MR menu and the actual activity as is typical when using other systems. The result is intuitive work that’s less tiring, more efficient and supported more by MR – when and where you need it.

Unveiling subconscious decisions

Eye Hyper-Tracking allows the VPS 19 not only to pick up on eye movements, but also unveil the subconscious reactions to what is seen. This is because minuscule iris and eye movements, which we ourselves are not in control of, also provide information about the emotions of the wearer. These subconscious decisions are particularly relevant for the areas of security, marketing and the major issue of the future i.e., individual behavior prediction.

Bar code detection

The VPS 19 is able to recognize and read bar codes and QR codes within fractions of a second. In the future, the relevant information – and only this – will be directly displayed within the wearer’s field of view and optically anchored in the room in such a way that the information is clearly assigned to the corresponding code.

Dynamic calibration 

The VPS 19 has an intelligent calibration system: as soon as the cameras in the glasses move in relation to the eyes, any misalignment is automatically compensated by the system. For the wearer, this equals a seamless, undisturbed and immersive MR experience.

Dynamic calibration