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The end of “the fifth cable from the rear left”

Remote maintenance will never be the same again. With the VPS 16, employees do work on site under the direction of experts at other locations. Because the experts can see exactly where the person on site is looking, very precise instructions can be given. No more guessing, no laborious explanations and not even the need to be there. Instead of “Now press the lowermost button,” a gaze is sufficient to know which button is meant. This rules out misunderstandings, and even complex procedures can be explained quickly and easily. Repairs and similar work can be completed in an extremely short time. Anywhere and anytime.

Would you like a small revolution in your customer service? With the VPS 16, you can bring in an entire team of experts to assist any employee at any time. And they don’t even have to be at the same location. This visual communication also allows suppliers to access your machines via live streaming, and faults can be corrected much more quickly this way. It becomes possible to offer complete service and consultation anywhere and anytime with a small number of centrally located experts. The result: Cost savings for customers and suppliers through shorter downtimes.

Taking a closer look together

The information losses and uncertainties that occur regularly in communication between people are sometimes unavoidable. With Eye Hyper-Tracking, many such doubts are simply eliminated. If you can see exactly where others are looking, you can work precisely and reliably during commissioning, pre-delivery inspections, factory acceptance tests and many more situations. This improves not only efficiency but safety as well. And your customers are ensured of receiving a perfect product.